As a leading commercial painting company in Raleigh, Raleigh Painting Team is accustomed to confronting all sorts of projects for all sorts of different customers. When Ruth’s Chris Steak House reached out to us about a remodeling and painting project for their North Hills location, we knew that we could work to make their building look brand new.

Commercial Painting and Remodeling for Ruth’s Chris Steak House

When we went to talk to Ruth’s Chris, they had three separate but interlinked commercial painting projects they wanted to be completed. The first was an interior painting and remodeling project for their banquet areas. These areas, used for holidays, private parties, and company banquets, needed an expansion and repainting. The second project was an office room for Ruth’s Chris’ banquet salesperson. As the office did not currently exist, we partnered with our sister company, Raleigh Remodeling Company to both partition off an area and repaint it. Finally, the exterior of the North Hills Ruth’s Chris location needed a face-lift, and our commercial painters sanded, repainted, and stained the entrance.

Commercial Painting for Banquet Halls

The first and most important project Ruth’s Chris desired our expert commercial painters to undertake was the repainting and remodeling of their banquet areas. These areas, usually used for private parties, company events, or holiday parties, required both expansion and repainting. The first step in this project was partnering with our sister company Raleigh Remodeling Company to build new walls and install new doors to create new private rooms. After this, our Raleigh commercial painting experts stained and repainted both the new walls and the existing walls.

New Office for Banquet Salesperson

With the expansion of their banquet halls and private rooms, Ruth’s Chris needed an office for their banquet salesperson. As we were installing extra rooms for their private rooms, our commercial painters also added and stained walls to create a new room. Due to the fact that this was an entirely new room built into a larger existing structure, Raleigh Painting Team needed to paint and stain an entirely new room while maintaining the theme of the larger area. Our commercial painters finished this project, but there was still one more important task.

Exterior Commercial Painting and Staining

The entrance to the North Hills Ruth’s Chris Steak House, much like many other commercial properties in Raleigh, has stood firm against our hot and humid elements for many years. As such, while our Raleigh commercial painters were at the location, Ruth’s Chris also wished for them to renovate the exterior. This project involved sanding then painting the columns and the trim, and our commercial painters gave Ruth’s Chris a whole new look.

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