As the saying goes, you only get one chance to make a first impression. As a business owner, a large part of that first impression is the quality of your office’s paint. An old, faded paint job can say a lot more about the state of your enterprise than you might intend, and a brand new coat of paint can show care and dedication without a conscious thought. This is why Raleigh Painting Team is proud to provide commercial painting to numerous businesses in the Triangle. Much like a home, painting a business can be an easy way to refresh its look and impart to potential customers the understanding that you care about your business. Our Raleigh commercial painters can give you the peace of mind to know that you’re giving a fantastic first impression, and that is why MCNC hired us to do a “facelift” of their main conference room.

MCNC Commercial Painting Project

MCNC has offered North Carolina’s top schools a robust, secure, and exclusive communications network to connect with one another for over 30 years. These connections also offer access to advanced research networks such as Internet2 and National Lambda Rail. With MCNC’s forward-facing technological focus, they realized that they needed an updated conference room. Raleigh Painting Team and Raleigh Remodeling Company came in and completely redid this room.

The project started with installing new flooring, drywall work, and ceiling tiles. Once the actual room remodeling was finished, Raleigh Painting Team’s commercial painting experts started their work. With their commitment to their motto of “Dependable and Stays on Schedule”, our painters started work making sure that MCNC could always make the best first impression possible. As usual, our commercial painted process started with priming the walls then thoroughly painting them to make them look brand new. By the time we were finished, MCNC could have renewed pride in their presentation to the world.

Need Commercial Painting in Raleigh?

First impressions are very important for any business, and a fresh coat of paint can mean the difference between a signed contract and lost business. At Raleigh Painting Team, we are proud of our commitment: “Dependable and Stays on Schedule”. This means that you can rely on our commercial painters to get your job done right and one on schedule. If you want your commercial painting job done by expert painting contractors, contact the Raleigh Painting Team for a free quote by filling out the form below or calling 919-296-3430.

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