Durham Commercial Painting for GE Aviation

Your commercial painting is one of the first things potential clients see about your business. Other than your website, the quality of your painting is your best chance for a first impression. As such, it is always worthwhile to make sure that your office or factory has an updated coat of paint. Raleigh Painting Team is always looking for the opportunity to provide businesses with this upgraded look. With this in mind, GE Aviation approached us for commercial painting for both the interior and exterior of their business. Since then, Raleigh Painting Team has worked with them on multiple projects, including the exterior painting of their water towers and the interior of their offices.

Exterior Commercial Painting

One of the first things that GE Aviation wanted to be done was to complete the painting of their exterior water towers. As anyone who has ever looked at a water tower can tell, this was not your standard painting project. Painting so high up requires special training and equipment. Raleigh Painting Team has the experts required to complete such a project. Using OSHA-approved equipment and qualified painters, we completed the project while maintaining OSHA compliance and safety standards.

Interior Office Painting

After Raleigh Painting Team had completed painting the water towers at the exterior of GE Aviation’s Durham location, they were sufficiently impressed with our commercial painting abilities that they hired us to paint the interiors of their offices. Much like our exterior painting work, this work was completed utilizing OSHA-approved methods, tools, and trained painters. This gave GE Aviation, a company with a history of groundbreaking advances in aviation technology, an interior office look to match their storied history. Raleigh Painting Team is proud of our continuing partnership with GE Aviation, and are pleased to have been part of transforming their vision of their facility into a reality.

Why Raleigh Painting Team?

When you consider which painting contractor to paint the interior or exterior of your business, there are many things that you should take into account. As it is rare for companies to fully shut down during painting, you need a painting contractor that always stays on schedule and makes sure to keep their area clean. While many contractors claim that they do this, Raleigh Painting Team’s tagline is “Dependable and Stays on Schedule”. We pride ourselves on making sure that your project is finished in a timely manner, so you can get back to what matters to you.

Our Raleigh painters also have over 20 years of experience working on various commercial and residential painting projects, so they have been faced with challenges before, and know how to work with any unique situations that may arise.

Need Commercial Painting?

First impressions are very important for any business, and a fresh coat of paint can mean the difference between a signed contract and lost business. If you want your commercial painting job done right, done on schedule, and done by expert painting contractors, contact the Raleigh Painting Team for a free quote by filling out the form below or calling 919-296-3430.

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